SALE: 100% Cotton Poplin in PH—perfect for shirts

POPLIN COTTON is chiefly used for dress purposes—from men’s shirts and pants to women’s wear. Our poplin is 100% cotton and are in demand as we have an ample collection of plain and printed ones.

The fiber is primarily spun into thread and used to make a breathable textile, therefore making poplin cotton perfect for fashioning summer outfits.

It is also soft and smooth, and lightweight, making it a favorite of our clients for creating baby dresses. We also get plenty of orders of poplin cotton for mom-and-baby clothing. You can also use it for pajamas.

Mother & Daughter Terno Dress Set by Felyn’Stitch:

Also known as “tabinet” or “papeline,” poplin cotton is easily recognizable as a plain and tightly woven material that features a luster, flat finish. It can also be used to make upholstery, ring slings, nursing covers, and even bedsheets and pillow cases.

We offer a wide variety of exciting prints for you to choose from: floral, animals, tropical, nautical, stripes, polka dots, geometrical patterns, and more.

Poplin is effortless to maintain and is less prone to wrinkling, which makes it easy to iron. Durable and sturdy, it can also be bleached, dyed or printed.

Poplin Cotton:

  • Lightweight
  • Soft and smooth
  • Cool and breathable
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Less prone to wrinkles
  • Easy to iron
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfect for summer outfits
  • Ideal for men’s shirts and pants
  • Ideal for dresses and baby outfits
  • Ideal for pajamas
  • Can be used to make ring slings
  • Can be used to make nursing covers
  • Can be used to make bedsheets and pillow cases
  • can be used as top fabric for making reusable sanitary napkins and baby bibs

Poplin Cotton sample uses from our clients:

Shirts by Nicson Sorida:

Baby Dresses by SweetMamasPh:

Baby Dresses by

Shirts by Minerva Couture & Services:

Mother & Daughter Terno Dress Set by Pinky Pink Shop:

Shirt by Aurell Masayon Jr II:

Baby Nests by BabyNestPh:

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Animal prints

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