Sale in PH: Chiffon fabric for that elegant gown

Selling online: chiffon fabric!

Chiffon is a transparent and translucent lightweight fabric. It’s a balanced plain-woven sheer fabric most commonly used in formal wear, particularly as an overlay to provide an elegant, sophisticated appearance to a gown.

Like gossamer, the delicate fabric chiffon is the most popular choice for making lingerie, scarves, ribbons, and blouses. It’s smoother compared to the georgette fabric — and more lustrous, too.

The original chiffon was purely made from silk, but in the 12th century, a nylon version was invented, and in 1958 saw the creation of the polyester chiffon, which became extremely famous for being low-cost and resilient.

Chiffon is quite challenging to work on because of its light and slippery texture. If examined under a magnifying glass, you will see that chiffon looks like a fine net or mesh. And because of its gauzy nature, chiffon must be gently hand-washed. French seams must also be used to stop the fabric from fraying.

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