SALE in PH: Sequin fabric for that hot, dazzling project

Selling online: sequin fabrics!

Sequin fabric will never run out of style. In the olden times, women use this sparkling fabric for their skirts, blouses, and dresses as a symbol of wealth. Today, this fabric still sells like crazy for its fun and dazzling look, perfect for women who want to go out in style.

Sequin fabric is basically a type of fabric that is covered with small pieces of plastic or metal. Originally, the sequins are round, shaped like coins. But today, sequins come in different shapes, such as square, rectangle, star, flower, polygon, oval, and more.

This ultramodern fabric is a favorite of designers to use for their stylish and chic projects. When shopping for sequin fabric, you can very well choose between an all-over or fully covered sequin embroideries and random sequins sewn into tulle, silk, and other types of fabrics.

Glamorous and iridescent, there are many exciting ways to use sequin fabric for your fashion ideas. We wave different types of sequin fabrics, in various colors, too. Check them out!

Please visit our Facebook page or our Shopee store, so we can assist you in finding the right type of fabric for your project.

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