Cotton Poplin Fabric for Sale in PH: Perfect for baby nests, apparel, home decor projects

Tightly woven, the cotton poplin fabric is also known as the “tabinet.” This fabric is a plain weave material with crosswise ribs and contains fine warp and weft yarns.

As a popular shirting fabric, it is durable, crease-resistant, and sturdy, making the cotton poplin easy to maintain. It is also smooth, soft, and non-stretch. Its organic nature makes it very breathable and does not retain odors.

This fabric is also used for apparel, like blouses, dresses, pajamas, and shirts. It can also be used for face masks. You can also use cotton poplin for your home decor projects, like accent pillows, bed sheets, curtains, and napkins.


The 100% natural cotton poplin absorbs moisture and dries quickly, and it’s cool and crisp to the touch. It is also chemical-free and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin. This is why this fabric is often used to make baby nests.

We at Fabric Online have a wide range of printed cotton poplin to choose from. Below are the very affordable cute prints still in stock:


Photos of crib mattresses courtesy of our cotton poplin customer, Sairah Myrrh. Check out her Shopee store.

Face masks by Kryz Zyl.

For order inquiries, please visit our Facebook page or contact us here.

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