Mask, Face Shield, PPE, Gloves: The New Normal

It’s been four months since our lives have been upended by Covid-19, hurling us at a kind of life only seen in sci-fi movies.

Since the pandemic arrived, we have quickly adapted to the New Normal, donning PPEs every time we leave the safety of our homes, like face masks, face shields and, in some cases, even gloves.

Immediately after the government implemented a nationwide enhanced community qauarantine in mid-March, FabricOnlinePH Online Shop started creating and selling face masks, face shields, and contributed to the safety of our frontliners by having the tafetta silver-back lining fabric readily available for clients that wish to donate PPEs to various hospitals.

Water repellent polymicrofiber outer layer, lining Lha Cos superfine Cotton


We are selling face masks and hats with face shields.

Our face masks are made of water-repellent polymicrofiber fabric with cotton lining. Breathable and comfortable to wear, it is also washable, although not recommended for reuse for medical frontliners.

We also sell materials for making face masks to help others who are at home during the pandemic. We have given free materials to Leon Ganzon Polytechnic College in Balasan, Iloilo, as well as ready-to-wear face masks to Pani-an Ipil Elementary School.

Outer layer of face masks made of printed cotton poplin with plain cotton lining.


Anti-droplet hat is made of thick cotton twill fabric with geena cloth lining plus clear plastic as face shield.

For order inquiries, please visit our Facebook page or contact us here.

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