SALE: Hablon from Iloilo—hand-woven colorful textile

Hand-woven textiles have increased significantly in the past few years. In this case, Miag-ao, Iloilo, where hablon originated from in the 18th century, has become the spotlight in the international fashion arena.

Indigenous fabrics, such as the hablon, is currently gaining popularity in the fashion industry because of the high demand for hand-woven fabrics. Famed designers in the Philippines, including Rajo Laurel, are now regular customers of this colorful, hand-woven textile.

Traditionally, hablon is made of locally-made fibers such as piña, abaca, and cotton. But eventually, polyester and other fibers were added to strengthen the fabric and for cost-cutting.

“Hablon” originated from the word habol, which means “hand-weaving” in Hilgaynon, Ilonggo. The municipalities of Miagao and Oton in the province of Iloilo still remain to be the largest hablon/weaving communities that manufacture and sell export-quality products made from this colorful hand-woven textile.

For a while, hablon-making had died. But presently, this centuries-old industry was revived in Iloilo with the support of the local government as well as private companies.

Hablon is typically used to make traditional patadyong skirts, Barong Tagalog, saya, and bandana. This famous textile is also normally used to make bags, slippers, table runners, picture frames, and plenty of other household and novelty items.


  • Patadyong skirts
  • Barong Tagalog
  • Bandanas
  • Sayas
  • Slippers
  • Bags
  • Table runners
  • Picture frames
  • Plenty of novelty items
  • Plenty of household items
  • Fashion wear

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SALE: Katsa (Canvas) in PH—your all-around textile

Used in dressmaking, furniture polishing and dusting, and even medicine, katsa (canvas) is a multi-purpose, reusable, organic, biodegradable, and healthy cloth ideal for home use as it does not spread chemical residue.

It is a plain-weave cotton best known for its durability and affordability It’s the best textile for use in high humidity due to its open weave.

Katsa is best known for making tote bags, corporate giveaways, flour sacks, curtains, souvenir bags, and more. You can also use it to fashion a reusable kitchen towel, aprons, petticoats, and even as a makeup remover and pest repellent.

There are plenty of creative projects that you can do with katsa. It is versatile, durable, washable and easily dries.


  • Bags
  • Curtains
  • Purses/wallets
  • Upholstery
  • Furniture polishing and dusting
  • Kitchen towels and aprons
  • Flour sacks and cheese-making
  • Pest control
  • Makeup remover
  • Organic
  • Reusable
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Healthy
  • Washable
  • Affordably

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SALE: Terry Cloth in PH, perfect for bath towels, bathrobes and more

A woven fabric with long uncut loops on one side, terry cloth is designed to absorb large amounts of liquid. Our terry cloth contains 100% cotton. It’s normally used to make bath towels and bathrobes, baby bibs, burp cloth, reusable menstrual pads, and more.

Terry Cloth Fabric:

  • 100% cotton
  • Absorbs large amounts of liquid
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Ideal for bath towels and robes
  • Ideal for bibs, burp cloths, bibdana
  • Ideal for reusable menstrual pads

Terry Cloth uses from our clients:

Back towels by Addy and Mom

Back towel, bibdana, & burp cloth by thebabyproject_ph

Reusable makeup remover/wipe pads by Street Glamour

Bibdana by Gracey’s Closet Handmade

Bibdana & burp cloth by Rainbow Collections Apparel

Baby essentials by Jing Fabricrafts

Reusable menstrual pads by Ka Nami Pasador

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SALE: 100% Cotton Poplin in PH—perfect for shirts

POPLIN COTTON is chiefly used for dress purposes—from men’s shirts and pants to women’s wear. Our poplin is 100% cotton and are in demand as we have an ample collection of plain and printed ones.

The fiber is primarily spun into thread and used to make a breathable textile, therefore making poplin cotton perfect for fashioning summer outfits.

It is also soft and smooth, and lightweight, making it a favorite of our clients for creating baby dresses. We also get plenty of orders of poplin cotton for mom-and-baby clothing. You can also use it for pajamas.

Mother & Daughter Terno Dress Set by Felyn’Stitch:

Also known as “tabinet” or “papeline,” poplin cotton is easily recognizable as a plain and tightly woven material that features a luster, flat finish. It can also be used to make upholstery, ring slings, nursing covers, and even bedsheets and pillow cases.

We offer a wide variety of exciting prints for you to choose from: floral, animals, tropical, nautical, stripes, polka dots, geometrical patterns, and more.

Poplin is effortless to maintain and is less prone to wrinkling, which makes it easy to iron. Durable and sturdy, it can also be bleached, dyed or printed.

Poplin Cotton:

  • Lightweight
  • Soft and smooth
  • Cool and breathable
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Less prone to wrinkles
  • Easy to iron
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfect for summer outfits
  • Ideal for men’s shirts and pants
  • Ideal for dresses and baby outfits
  • Ideal for pajamas
  • Can be used to make ring slings
  • Can be used to make nursing covers
  • Can be used to make bedsheets and pillow cases
  • can be used as top fabric for making reusable sanitary napkins and baby bibs

Poplin Cotton sample uses from our clients:

Shirts by Nicson Sorida:

Baby Dresses by SweetMamasPh:

Baby Dresses by

Shirts by Minerva Couture & Services:

Mother & Daughter Terno Dress Set by Pinky Pink Shop:

Shirt by Aurell Masayon Jr II:

Baby Nests by BabyNestPh:

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Animal prints

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SALE: Cotton Canvas in PH; durable, ideal for fashion and home furnishings

Cotton Canvas, plain-woven fabric

COTTON CANVAS, known in the industry as “cotton duck” or “duck cloth,” is an essential, durable fabric ideal for fashion and home furnishings. This plain-woven fabric comes with a wide range of colors and prints. While durable, cotton canvas also features a soft, fluffy fiber.

Photo by: Cris Digal Dorato

This fabric is oftentimes used for sails, tents and awning constructions, and is a popular choice for student artists for their painting easel. Cotton canvas is also commonly used for blackout curtains, sofa covers, throw pillows, purses, signages, backpacks, trampolines, shoes, and more.

Purse and bag by Twinkz and Thunds Online Shop

This fabric stretches easily and has a more consistent weave. And because it’s also sturdy, thick and heavy, it rarely produces stresses or tugs. It is also affordable.

Holiday stockings by Beyond Stitched

Throw pillow by Sis Viola Belino


  • Durable
  • Heavy but soft
  • Windproof
  • Stretches easily
  • Sturdy and thick
  • Rarely produces stresses or tugs
  • Perfect for painting easels
  • Perfect for tents, sails, and awnings
  • Perfect for purses, shoes, and backpacks
  • Perfect for blackout curtains, sofa covers, throw pillows
  • Can also be used for signages

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Athletic Wicking Jersey

I got several inquiries about athletic wicking jersy in the past so I searched for the source of this fabric type and now I am ready to accept orders. Minimum order is one kilo per color.

This fabric type is commonly used for making singlet for fun runs because of itsit wicks away moisture from the body. It is now getting popular to crafty moms who make DIY baby cloth diapers.

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